RicaSalsa On5 DVD

Posted on: October 16, 2009
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RicaSalsa On5 DVD  
Ricardo and Tianne are known for their ON5 Style of Salsa Dancing.

In this DVD, Ricardo and Tianne break down this style in to easy-to -learn patterns for Beginners and intermediate level dancers.

“We will teach you to phrase your dancing to the music”

Are you Tired of doing the same Salsa moves all the time? Practice catching phrasing and crescendos within the music, while pausing to the breaks and feeling the accents in the music! This DVD will revolutionize the way you dance Salsa!

The RicaSalsa Musicality Method:

Interpreting the music for RicaSalsa, is the most important part of Salsa dancing besides the dancing technique.

RicaSalsa will teach you the ability to put your dance pattern on top of the musical phrase. When they match, it is great. It is called musicality.

To be highly musical does not require complex steps. But as far as I know, musicality is valued as the most important dancing quality beside the ability to lead and follow well.

Ricardo and Tianne are available for performances,
private parties, group lessons, and private lessons.

Ricardo Téllez
Phone: (510)612-0985
e-mail: ricardo@ricasalsa.com

Tianne Frias
Phone: (415)571-6468
e-mail: tianne@ricasalsa.com


Purchase DVD at :  http://ricasalsa.com/dvd05.html

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